Top Notch Contractors

Better Builders - Bill Babb (Owner)
General Contractor (specializing in new construction and custom homes)
West Seattle, WA
Direct: 206.588.2075 | Email:

Patton Construction - Craig Patton (Owner)
General Contractor (Drywall, painting and all phases of construction)
Puyallup, WA
Direct: 253.881.1891 | Email: 

Amy Works - Amy Echlund (Owner)
Handyman / Handywoman services
Seattle, WA
Direct: 206.478.2019 | Email:

Sash Painting - Susan Basher  (Owner)
Residential Interior & Exterior Painting Contractor & Color Consultant
West Seattle, WA
Direct: 206.799.5019

Seattle Paint & Restoration - Lee Bennett (Owner)
Residential & Commercial Painting Contractor
West Seattle, WA
Direct: 206.355.8320 | Email:

Cervantes Maintenance - Sara Cervantes (Owner)
Yard maintenance
Burien, WA
Direct: 206.249.3159 or 206.643.8199

Terrain Build
Landscaping, retaining walls & concrete work
Mercer Island, WA
Direct: 206.607.7761 | Email:

C&R Electric
Electrician Contractor
Burien, WA
Direct: 206.937.3654 | Email:

Christian Brothers Flooring - Karla Christian (Owner)
Hardwood flooring installation and refinishing
Seattle, WA
Direct: 206.762.4233 | Email:

Decker Design - Brian Decker (Owner)
Tile Installation, Concrete Countertops
Seattle, WA
Direct: 206.228.6767 | Email:

The Simple Plumber - Joe Schafer (Owner)
Residential Plumbing
Seattle, WA
Direct: 206.954.8001 | Email:

O'Neill Plumbing Company
Residential Plumbing
West Seattle, WA
Direct: 206.932.5283

Bob's Heating & Air Conditioning - Garrison Olson (Customer Service Representative)
HVAC / Furnace & AC installation and maintenance
Woodinville, WA
Direct: 800.480.3346 | Email:

Cole Roofing - Jim Jacobs (Roofing-Consultant)
Residential Roofing & Repairs
Seattle, WA
Direct: 206.793.1900 | Email:

Halas Engineering - John Halas
Professional Engineer (Structural Design and Inspections)
Seattle, WA
Direct: 206.362.2707 | Email:

I can't fit all of my RECOMMENDED contractors
and home MAINTENANCE vendors on this list

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