North Delridge is bordered on the north and east by the Industrial District, on the south by Riverview and High Point, and on the west by Genesee.  Primarily a residential neighborhood that consists mainly of single-family homes, there has been a recent growth of high-end apartments, attracting young professionals.  With the perks of feeling like an outdoor wonderland due to the abundance of nature, camping grounds and open space, this is an ideal environment for someone who enjoys the PNW lifestlye and the outdoors.


WHAT IS North delridge LIKE?

  • A residential, quaint neighborhood that has the perks of living in a woodsy retreat but still maintains a city feel with the variety of nearby local cafes, restaurants and bars. There is a strong PNW essence, due to the generous amount of open space and a wide variety of outdoor activities to choose from.

Points of attraction:

  • Camp Long- only a block away from the main thoroughfare through North Delridge, Camp Long provides a serene and peaceful experience for campers and hikers. The hiking trails are well maintained and there are even cabins available for rent. 

  •  Schurman Rock- Considered the main attraction of Camp Long, Schurman Rock is an artificial climbing area that is the perfect place to learn to rock climb, belay and rappel. 

  • Uptown Espresso- the coffee shop known as the “home of the velvet foam” that offers a cozy space to work, converse or play one of the the many board games they have for customers. 

  •  Ounces Taproom & Beer Garden- a neighborhood focused and modern taproom specializing in Washington- sourced beer, cider and wine. A local hangout spot that has outdoor seating, perfect for sunny, Seattle days.

  • West Seattle Golf Course- adding onto the list of outdoor recreation activities, this course is challenging and has a beautiful panoramic view of Seattle. 

  • Skylark Cafe & Club- West Seattle’s premier music venue also offering brunch on the weekends, house-made meats and Seattle’s best trivia and open mic night. 

why move to North delridge?

  • It is common for Northwesterners striving to find a neighborhood that has an abundance of nature but not too secluded, which North Delridge accomplishes. North Delridge is ideal for someone who wants a residential feel but also a lot of open space for experiencing the serene, outdoor life. With being residential, separate from the busy part of town and a short drive to downtown Seattle, it’s suitable for individuals looking to raise a family and young professionals who are craving a quieter and and more spacious environment. 

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