Christian Harris

Owner & Founder of Sea-Town Real Estate

Contact info: 206.276.9744 | ChristianHarris@Sea-Town.com

Christian has been working in the Home Industry since 1998. Initially he worked as a finish carpenter, working his way into residential remodeling and eventually deciding to go into business for himself as the owner / operator of his own General Contracting Company. His background as a carpenter and business owner has given him a great working knowledge of home construction and an ability to communicate what is most important to his clients in the home buying and selling process.

Christian grew up in the Greater Seattle area and has called West Seattle home since 2007. He is a husband, father, and a member and leader in his local church. He loves Seattle, his community and all that this area has to offer in rich cultural experiences, food, beer, entertainment and an abundance of outdoor activities… There really is no other city like Seattle! 

Additionally, he has been a member of the Washington State Army National Guard since 2003. He previously served as a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) in a Special Operations unit, a position that has taken him all over the world, exposing him to great people and experiences that have helped to enrich and deepen his perspective in life and of the world. In mid-2015 he made the transition from NCO to Warrant Officer and is excited about the opportunity that opens up to him. Christian is also a Veteran of OIF and a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) because of all the excellent work they do to ensure that military service members, veterans, and their families are cared for during their time in the service and after they get out.

Christian sees life holistically and tries not to separate out his "work life" from his "family life". He sees every aspect of life as being connected and fluid. This to say, that starting his own brokerage was not about the drive to make more money or simply being able to control his own professional destiny... rather it is about the opportunity to make a larger impact for good for his client and agents alike. To be able to provide his agents with the training and support to free them up to be the best agents they can be for their clients. It's about having a greater influence in the larger real estate industry and making a larger impact in the local community. He is passionate about supporting his community and fellow business owners which lead him to create The Sea-Town Podcast, where he interviews Seattle area business owners to help tell their stories about how they are serving their customers and community. Another way he seeks to serve his community is through serving them in their real estate needs, which lead him to develop "The Value-Driven Approach To Sell Real Estate", which he co-authored and released in 2016 as a free book (with a small donation to a charity of your choice) to help warn house-sellers about how to avoid the unethical agents and lay out his documented approach to help them get the most from their house sale. All this coupled with giving a portion of the proceed's from each house sale to a local charity of our client's choice, create and sponsor local charity events are all part of the way Christian and his agents at STRE seek to give back and be more than just another real estate brokerage turning out home sales.

These are just a few tidbits about Christian, why he does what he does and his intentionality and attention to detail in it all... but most important to him is being excellent in everything, enjoying life with his family and friends and being able to make others laugh... but whether it's work or play, he strives to bring joy to others and to enhance the lives of everyone he interacts with.

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