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The Sea-Town Podcast

The Sea-Town Podcast Is Here!

The Sea-Town Podcast Is Here!


The launch of my much anticipated new Podcast! At least it was much anticipated for me ;-)

The Sea-Town Podcast

Here in Seattle, we take great pride in our various neighborhoods we live in and all the things that make this area of the country so great… and the local businesses are a large part of what shape the flavor and character of these great neighborhoods that we love.

I creating this podcast to help tell the stories of these Seattle based businesses, entrepreneurs and other people involved in the community. I want to highlight these people and what they are doing in serving others and their community here in Seattle.

I mean really... Who doesn't want to know more about our local businesses and the brave souls that started them? Who doesn’t want to support them and see them and our neighborhoods thrive?!

Thus far, I have 8 episodes live. I launched the podcast about two months ago at the beginning of March and I release a new episode every weekend. It has taken me this long to streamline the process and recording methods. The initial interviews were a bit rough figuring out the best way to record and do post-production... not to mention simply learning out to interview my guests. I think it's starting to get better now but I'll let you be the judge of that.

Please check out The Sea-Town Podcast and let me know what you think. I would love to hear your feedback.

As well, do you know someone in the Seattle area who has an important message or story to tell? Maybe your favorite local shop or restaurant?
I would love to hear about them and see about having them on my podcast.

Several ways for you to check out The Sea-Town Podcast:
The most preferable would be for you to listen and subscribe to “The Sea-Town Podcast” on iTunes -

Or to listen to all the episodes on the web, visit “The Sea-Town Podcast” site at

If your more of a visual person, you can WATCH the interviews - go to my YouTube page -

Thank you. I hope you enjoy the interviews and getting some "behind the scenes" of some local businesses.

If you really want to help and spread the word about this podcast and these great businesses serving our community, please take a couple minutes to share out the link(s) on your social media.

Thanks again,

Until next time, be well.