Over the last few months I have been experienced an "Awakening", not necessarily the kind that has The Force involved but non-the-less. It has caused me to take a closer look at myself and my approach to business. I have come to the stark conclusion that in my first couple years in real estate, I was simply a clone. You see, I got into this industry in the Fall of 2013, I had my business cards, my company website, my text books and hours upon hours of "education" under my belt, all ready for your real estate business needs. Yet, I wasn't any different than the rest of the agents who just got their license. Without realizing it, I had become a real estate agent... you know, a pestering, always looking for new business, member of an industry that consistently ranks lowest in respect, and thought of about as fondly as used car sales men. 

How could I fix this perception? "I'm different. I know! I just need more training and education", I would tell myself. "That will make me a sure-fire top agent, who makes lots and lots of money." Or at least help limit my hemorrhaging savings account, as I was trying to figure out this new career.
Really, I honestly thought that was the fix. The obvious next step was to enter a hardcore 8 week sales, aches... I mean "real estate training" workshop, make 100 calls a week, call For Sale By Owners, reach out to expired and cancelled listings, ask all my friends and family for referrals, etc, etc. 

Yes, YES! This will do the trick... but alas, it did not. I felt worse. The only thing I hate more then cold calling, is receiving a cold call. The sales person on the other end only has one goal in mind: to sell you a service. 

"When are you going to be ready to choose the right agent to sell your home?". 

"Who do you know who is looking to buy or sell real estate, that I should know?". 

I'm only 5 "no" answers away from a "yes" answer. 

If they say "no", there are plenty more people to call, it's simply a numbers game. 

I can go on with all the tips and tricks and scripts to get your business... but here's the thing: I can remember after my first year in the business, thinking to myself. This doesn't work. All of the ways the long-time agents are telling me to do things are garbage. They have been doing this stuff for decades and no one likes being on the receiving end of these sales-tactics. 

My eyes started to open.

I didn't just hate cold calling and the rejection... I hated doing everything that I was told was necessary to be a successful in real estate. This wasn't me. This is not how I wanted to interact with people. In that moment, I wanted to punch myself in the face!

I needed to make a change... but how? 

Then it hit at some point last year. After trying to fill that gap between what I SHOULD be doing to generate new business (more cold calls, more emails, more door knocking, more mail flyers), and what I was ACTUALLY doing (playing catchup to "hit my weekly numbers" and feeling like a failure when I didn't), I stopped drinking the Koolaid. I discovered a new way... A better way.

Yes, it wasn't just a new way, it was MY WAY. 

Let me explain: I'm a Seattle guy, I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, camping, eating good food and drinking good beer. I love spending time with my family and "rough housing" with my son. I'm a diehard UNC Tarheels basketball fan (I have to be, my wife is an Alumni). I probably swear more than I should. I like watching movies and reading books, especially anything having to do with the American Revolutionary War or great thinkers and leaders throughout history. I often worry about wether I'm going to be able to pay the bills and provide well for my family, considering the inconsistent nature of 100% commission income. I place my faith in Jesus and I love my friends and church family. I love my country and serve it as an officer in the WA State National Guard. I believe that I can make this world a better place by genuinely caring about and enhancing the lives of everyone I come in contact with. Oh, and by the way, I also happen to help people buy and sell homes. 

That's MY WAY. This is me and I really enjoy making connections with people who share the same interests and values as me and whom I can serve with what has been given to me. My personality is laid back, I enjoy making people laugh and I'm organized, detail oriented and if you ask my wife, probably borderline OCD... and I will fight to the bitter end to take care of my clients.
Client who normally end up being friends long after the deal closes.

In one word... Authenticity.

So what does this mean for you? It means no more garbage from me in your inbox (I actually stopped those generic, one-size-fits all, "how to winterize your house" type emails months ago). 

Nothing, no more. 

No more, "hey knuckle head, it's Day Light Savings Time" reminders. 

From now on, when you get an email from me, it will be legit, real, from my own fingers. 

If this resinates with you, then I'm happy to have you travel with me on this journey of authenticity. 
Let me know what you thing
The only way this works is if we create a dialog along the way. 
What do you think about this new way of connecting with people in an industry stained with so many impersonal agents? 
Am I on to something or just a blind fool. Send me your thoughts and comments.

My passion is to serve people and leave this planet a better place then when I arrived. Along the way, I will make a living by helping folks buy and sell homes. In the end, I will do this with honor, integrity and authenticity... and quite possibly with a hot cup of coffee or an ice-cold beer in my hand! 

Until next time, be well.