Alki Point is the gem of west seattle that keeps the beach town vibe alive. Alki Point is the westernmost point in West Seattle, jutting out into puget sound, offering views of downtown across elliot bay. Living here, you will be surrounded with stunning views, sandy beaches, beautiful homes and unique local restaurants and shops.

Alki house at sunset.jpg
Alki light house at sunset.jpg
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  • Alki Point is a gorgeous beach town community that maintains its laid-back vibe year around, but gets a surge of liveliness during the summer due to its scenic beaches and generous bike paths.

Points of attraction:

why move to Alki Point?

  • This beach town exudes a laid-back feel all year and gives many a break from the hectic city life.

  • Streets facing the water are filled mostly with condominium and apartment buildings, offering views of Elliot Bay.

  • It also offers modern single-family homes and beach cottages, making this neighborhood suited for a wide variety of people looking for some beach living.

  • While having it’s own lively shopping and restaurant/bar scene, Alki is also just a few minutes from West Seattle’s Admiral Junction & busy Alaska Junction neighborhoods, that offers a variety of shops, restaurants and hip bars/cafes.

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