Making an Impact in Our Community Is Our Goal…
We Just Happen to Do This Through the Vehicle of Real Estate

Non-Profits Partnering with Sea-Town Real Estate to make impact

Method 1: Refer new business to us and we’ll donate 25% of the sales proceeds to your non-profit.

  • When we help a new client buy or sell their home and they mention your 501(c)3 non-profit and this Community Partnership Program, Sea-Town Real Estate will donate 25% of the proceeds of that transaction to your non-profit.   
  • With the median home sale price in Seattle being $700,000 (mid-2017), the estimated 25% donation amount to your non-profit would be roughly $5,000 for one referral client!

Method 2: Become a Preferred Donation Recipient.

  • In every home purchase or sale, we donate a portion of the sales proceeds to a local 501(c)3 non-profit of our client’s choice… if our client does not already have a preferred local non-profit in mind, we recommend our Community Partners (your organization) as good organizations to make this donation to.

We Provide These Services to Your Non-Profit
to Help with Your Fundraising Goals

We will help market your non-profit by:

  • We will invite you on as a guest of the Sea-Town Podcast to record an episode for your non-profit, to help tell the story behind how & why your organization was started and how people can get involved. 
  • We will record a high production quality video about your organization that you can use on social media, your website or any other means to promote and raise awareness for your organization’s purpose and mission.

The goal of the Community Partnership Program is to make an impact in our community and raise awareness for the great work that your non-profit is doing. Partnering with us will cost you nothing and our only expectation is that your organization will share the specifics of this program and the resources we provide you (Podcast episode, video, etc.) with your members, employees, donors and community. Doing so will help to maximize our efforts in raising awareness for the work you are doing and lead to a greater overall impact for the communities we serve and love.