Christian Harris

Owner & Founder of Sea-Town Real Estate

Contact info: 206.276.9744 | ChristianHarris@Sea-Town.com

Christian started Sea-Town out of the frustration he experience during the first couple years as a new real estate agent. He knew that there had to be a better way to do things. He found that there was a real resistance in the industry to try anything new or adopt new technology that would make both agents and their clients RE experience smoother, better and more efficient. He even got push-back from being "too-honest" and transparent with his clients in how he does business and revealing the "darker side" of the industry that most agents don't want the public to know about... We'll F**K THAT! I'm all about doing what's best for the client and if that means pulling back the curtain on how the industry really works and not being popular with the industries "old guard", then I'm fine with that.

Christian also pioneered his own way... a better way, to serve both his agents and their clients. He eventually found his "calling" to leverage his strengths and provide other agents with the training, systems and organizational support to free them up to be the best agents they can be for their clients.

It's about making a larger impact for good in the local community, not just for our clients. Additionally we desire to influence and inspire fellow brokers and the larger real estate industry to do the same...

He is passionate about supporting his community and fellow business owners. This community focus is why STRE and their agents give a portion of each sales proceed to a charity of their clients choice and why Christian created and hosted the The Sea-Town Podcast, where he interviews Seattle area business owners to help tell their stories about their businesses and what they are doing to make impact as well.

You can read more about Christian on his Bio page HERE.

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